Easy Removable Throw Pillow Cover


26” Ikea pillow (about $5 on sale)

25” x 25” cut of fabric for the front of your pillow cover (front) ($13 per yard for mine)

25” x 40” cut of fabric for the back of your pillow cover (back) (remnants from another project)

A spool and bobbin of coordinating thread ($3)



A sewing machine…  this project requires VERY BASIC sewing skills but you do need to know how to tread your machine  and run a piece of fabric through.   Don’t be afraid to learn if you don’t know all ready.  Sewing is so easy and can save you tons of money in the long run.  Plus, the satisfaction of knowing you made ‘that’  is priceless.  Anyways,  who wants to have the exact same pillow as everyone else from the department store?!

Side note:  I have decided to use a more expensive printed fabric only on the front of my pillow and save money by using a cheaper solid fabric on the back. My solid fabric is tan on the front side and navy on the back side.

1. Wash your fabric before cutting out the needed pieces and thread your sewing machine with a coordinating thread.

2.  Fold the longer back piece in half so that it measures 20” x 25”.  Press the fold nice and sharp and make sure the fabric is laying flat. Now cut along the fold so that when you’re done you have two matching 20” x 27” pieces.  Everything doesn’t have to be SO perfect so I use this step to save me time.  Now you have two identical ‘back’ pieces.  Later,  we will over lap these back pieces (like the back of a pillow sham) to give us an easy to remove and wash cover.

3.  Iron all three pieces!  I used to skip this step but if I’ve learned one thing from my gramma’s beautiful sewing projects… prep work is the KEY!  So iron!  It will make all the pinning and sewing easier and your finished product will turn out better!

4. While you are still at the ironing board…lay one of the back pieces face down and fold back one of the long sides (25 inch side) by about one inch. This will create a finished edge on the opening of the pillow cover. Iron this fold down flat. Repeat for the other 20” x 25” piece.   It doesn’t matter which of the long sides you fold back so just choose one side on each of your back pieces.  In the third photo below,  I have my two back pieces face down so you can see the folded back edge.

5.  Now we put the pieces together.  Lay your front square piece of fabric face up. Lay one of you ‘finished edge’ back pieces face down on top of this square piece. Make sure the finished edge is towards the middle and then line up the left sides of this back piece with the front square’s left side.   Line up your second ‘finished edge’ piece on the right side and make sure the finished edge is towards the middle.  Your hemmed pieces should now be over lapping about 9”. Pin the perimeter of your front and back pieces together.

6.  Come in half an inch and sew around the entire pillow case pulling out he pins as you go.   A few tips as you sew:  Sew right over the finished edges of the back fabric.  When you get to the corner, just turn the fabric 90 degrees and continue sewing.  Pull the fabric tight behind and in front of the needle… this will prevent the fabrics from bunching up.   Make sure and do a back stitch at the beginning and then end of the sewing… this is a standard sewing technique where you go forward in your sewing and then come backwards,  stitching about 8-10 stitches in the opposite direction before continuing the sew forward again.  This prevents the stitching from unraveling.

7.  After you have sewn around the entire square of the cover,  turn the cover inside out and stuff your pillow inside.  Make sure to work the corners of the pillow into the corners of the pillow cover.

8.  ENJOY!



If anyone tries this tutorial, please post on the blog how it went?? I would love to get some feed back (good or bad is all welcomed!). THANKS!!!


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